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 Generations of trust.

 Lifetimes of opportunity.


Apex Equity Group is a privately held real estate investment and advisory firm. The firm invests in and develops real properties for its own account as well as participating in Joint Ventures with others. Apex Equity Group provides strategic advice to its clients on complex real estate transactions, and through its affiliates, sponsors and advises Real Estate Investment Trusts. With years of experience in successful real estate investment, development, and lending, Apex Equity Group has built a reputation for calling upon its vast expertise to achieve favorable results. Apex Equity Group has demonstrated the ability to translate deep industry knowledge and continuous market tracking into successful realized real estate investments.


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US assets

Cumulative AUM internationally






At Apex,

we bring more than just property to the table.

Starting over 50 years ago, PF Holdings purchased their first investment property and through the years continued to accumulate & grow their impressive portfolio. Three generations later, under the Apex Equity Group.
(APEX) Est. 2005, Assets Under Management (AUM) now consists of more than 200 separate properties across the United States with an estimated value of over $5 billion and a Cumulative AUM internationally of $9 billion. APEX’s 23 members upper management team and an additional 500+ employees of experienced industry professionals throughout the country allow APEX to manage assets, in house, on a daily basis and aggressively increase investor value. Our vision is complete success from purchase to exit strategy.
We believe in the integrity and transparency in both our management and acquisition operations. The main focus of our firm is to provide no hassle turnkey solutions to our partners, deliver s uperior service to our customers and create a positive work environment for our employees.
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Letter from the president of Apex

Apex Equity Group is one of the largest approved affordable housing owners in the US. With the majority of our US portfolio being HUD (Affordable Housing), meaning our rents are guaranteed from the US Government, our collections and occupancy is always high due to the fact that they are backed by HUD. Throughout this pandemic our collections have been at over 98% across the entire portfolio, mainly due to the fact that our HUD properties have all been at 100% economic occupancy and collections. The US Government is the best guarantee you can have for a property. That’s what makes AEG unique, we have strong relationships in the Affordable Housing Department and have gained the highest respect over the years. We are extremely selective with the deals that we pursue, they must all be high cash-flowing and meet the vigorous underwriting requirements we have set since the beginning of our formation.


In summary, Apex Equity Group has always been focused on two factors and only two factors: 1- High returns 2- Mitigating our risks. This recent challenge has only proven that AEG has been built on a solid foundation and has been extremely well prepared to weather storms like these just like we have weathered the challenges that society has thrown upon us to date. There will only be better opportunities arising from this market change and those that are well prepared and ready will be able to seize the moment. We are extremely thankful for all that has been bestowed upon us and will continue to impress our partners and investors the very same way we always have until now and into the foreseeable future.


Yours truly, Aron Puretz President – AEG

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