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About Us

Apex Equity Group: AEG is acquiring and/or developing a portfolio of multifamily communities across the coun- try, as well as some exceptional commercial properties. AEG is able to deliver a turnkey property management solution and provides solid investment opportunities to its equity partners. At the core of AEG's culture, is the belief that every property must be operated as if it was our only one. It is the principle that has driven AEG to continually assess and adapt its operations to reduce costs and drive sales, thereby, lowering vacancy rates and achieving superior results on a reasonable budget. AEG's personal touch helps keep our property's vacancy rates at a minimal, always the lowest in the neighborhoods of their properties.
Today AEG's proven track record of spotting unique investments, as well as overseeing and implementing suc- cessful operating plans for each property, has made AEG a lucrative investment opportunity for capital partners looking for solid investments. The team brings exclusive experience in the acquisition, development and man- agement of multifamily communities and we excel at identifying properties with value added opportunities and potential high returns. The company is also proficient at expanding, renovating and repositioning these assets to produce significant returns and increase the ultimate asset value.


At the core of AEG's investment philosophy, we strive to make prudent investments that make sense both in the short term and long term of the investment cycle. AEG uses a proven set of principles to guide each acquisition; searching for properties that present upside potential with minimal risk. Coupled with AEG's extensive and proven track record in managing multifamily properties, the company can provide predictable, risk adjusted returns. Up to now, where we have seen the results of overpaying and over leveraging properties, we are now poised to take advantage of these opportunities.


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