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Operations & Services

The success of our operation rely on the policies and procedures drawn from decades of operating experience in the industry. At Apex Equity Group, we believe that in order to reach our goals, we have to focus on the basics. We focus on building a strong team from the ground-up and executing every- day tasks with purpose and accountability. Property managers are trained and monitored to foster talent and results at the site level. Supervisors provide monthly training of the staff. Our experienced supervisors oversee daily operations from dealing with ongoing delinquency, creating local marketing strategies, to build a strong operating platform at every community we own and manage.

Our Property Management Services include;


   •  Day-to-day management

  • Background and drug screening for all new hires and potential clients

  • Property staff evaluation and hiring

  • Experienced staff of Regional and District Managers to ensure proper training and accountability,

    monthly visits by superiors

  • Delinquency control

  • Constant analysis of operating reports and competition reports

  • Employee appreciation program

  • Customer service training

  • Repairs and Maintenance


Our repair and maintenance departments play a proactive role in preserving the value of every property we own and manage. This is achieved through closely monitored repairs, scheduled maintenance and carefully budgeted capital improvements geared towards improving the appeal of all our properties. Coordination between field representatives, accounting team and repairs and maintenance departments has given us the ability to respond quickly to repairs and reduce the costs associated with scheduled maintenance and unfore- seen maintenance needs.

• Repairs, maintenance and capital improvements


• Establish and maintain a repair and maintenance schedule and budget for each property. Set aside money for

capital improvements and large repairs for the future.


• Evaluate necessary maintenance and repair issues on a month-to-month basis through monthly visits by

regional managers. Institute cost saving measures to reduce the cost of ongoing repairs and maintenance • Propose capital improvements


• Review and oversight of capital improvements


• Our focus is always on increasing property value and asset preservation


Apex Equity Group provides a strong accounting team and sound financial practices to supervise the day-to-day activities and performance of our communities. Our staff handles everything from opening bank accounts to providing financial reporting to each partner.


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