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Marketing & Advertising

The development of a dynamic and diversified marketing program is crucial in the success of any multifamily property. Apex Equity strives to produce the highest ROI possible for all our investors, which ultimately leads to the increased asset value. Through our constant testing and ever-chang- ing marketing portfolios, we are able to find the most efficient marketing programs and reduce our marketing expenses while increasing signing of new leases. We pay close attention to every com- petitor in all markets throughout our entire portfolio, adapting in every unique market and using trends to create the most efficient campaign for each individual property.


Our comprehensive marketing strategy consists of a variety of online marketing techniques, ranging from local listing optimization to using third party advertising, VOIP integrated phone system and software to create a wide range of possible lead sources. In addition to these techniques, every one of our properties has its own website which allows them to leverage off a variety of advantages and features, including a user-friendly interface, professional sleek look and utility rich features such as; virtual tours, floor plans and much more.


Marketing services included with our magnificent creation of an overall marketing plan


• Implement local marketing campaigns and placement online lead generators on the site

• Oversight of design and creation of all necessary marketing materials and signage of property

• Overall flyer and direct mails campaigns

• Development and continual monitoring of a CPC Cost Per Click campaign

• Competitive analysis and adaptive pricing structure

• Sales training and quality control

• A comprehensive sales training program ensuring maximum conversion rates for every phone and

walk-in lead. Reduction of expenses associated with lead and phone tracking.

Host charity events when available

• Raise community awareness of the property through community involvement programs


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